While between regular full-time corporate jobs, I had the chance to install flooring, baseboards, and painting for several people. It was such a positive experience for me, that after discussing it with my wonderful, supportive wife, it was agreed I would make this my new career.

I enjoy experiencing the creativity and precision completion of new projects, such as the cuts of flooring to match exactly throughout the house, around door jambs, heat registers, and other similar objects. I adhere to the attention to detail required in painting. It's fun to see the before and after pictures, and my greatest joy is having the homeowner be very happy with the results.

Call to schedule an estimate:                720-204-8119 

My thanks to my wife for coming up with the name of the company, since she knows I strive to provide above par quality craftsmanship, and my love for golf, where I regularly shoot above par. Thank you Sweetheart !!!

I provide free estimates, so the homeowner has an accurate idea of the scope of the project. I provide clean, honest, reliable, quality craftsmanship, so I will be proud of the work, and the homeowner will be very happy with the results.